Dinotopia: The World Beneath James Gurney

ISBN: 9781570361647

Published: 1995


160 pages


Dinotopia: The World Beneath  by  James Gurney

Dinotopia: The World Beneath by James Gurney
1995 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 160 pages | ISBN: 9781570361647 | 4.52 Mb

Once in awhile, I like to review classic books of the 90s, the stuff that first got me into reading. High up on that list is 1992s Dinotopia, but very near the top is its 1996 sequel, The World Beneath. I dont use amazing, magical, pure genius, or any of those adjectives much at all, but this is the rare book that I dont hesitate to lavish with praise.First of all, this is the only time Ill ever recommend getting the hardcover - dont waste time with the paperback, theres a huge difference.

The illustrations are gorgeous, incredible, breathtaking, the kind of thing you just want to lay out on your coffee table and stare at while youre sitting on the couch, especially if youre absolutely fascinated by dinosaurs or landscapes (or both like me). Incredible work. Book should get five stars just based on the art alone.But the reason I like this book so much, far over First Flight or Journey to Chandara or even the original, is the story.

The original Dinotopia is already one of the most fascinating books Ive ever read, incredible places of mystery, scenery, and lore, but the World Beneath was always the place that caught my imagination the most, where a river plunges into a hole in the ground, a place guarded by pteranodons where dinosaurs went to die.

I absolutely hated Dinotopia for following Wills story instead of his fathers, staying aboveground and leaving that mysterious place to my imagination.And then this book came out, and, wow, I was not disappointed. Gurneys ideas for the World Beneath were amazing, better than anything I could ever come up with, part archeological lost window to the past, part mysterious subterranean environment, one hundred percent fascinating scientific expedition.

And add in sunstones, the ending with Lee Crabb, I was not disappointed. Ok, maybe a little, but only because the underground scenes left me wanting more.I think Ive run out of words to use, but, yeah, awesome, plus theres steampunk in this book before steampunk was cool. I have two full bookshelves and this is one of the books I absolutely always look for first.

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