Whispers in the Dawn Aurora Rose Lynn

ISBN: 9780857159113

Published: March 2012


147 pages


Whispers in the Dawn  by  Aurora Rose Lynn

Whispers in the Dawn by Aurora Rose Lynn
March 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 147 pages | ISBN: 9780857159113 | 6.22 Mb

A wedding day turns to attempted murder.Nothing counts but the mission. Nothing is relevant but getting the job done.Dakoda Harley is undercover and is the second in command on the space station of Romaydia. He jeopardises his life in an attempt to bring to justice the murderer of his wife. The station is rife with hidden dangers introduced at every step by an ever-changing variety of unsavoury foreigners, but the naïve and beautiful woman pretending to be a sophisticated traveller catches his eye. Does he dare place her under his protection even though he has no idea who she really is and she might be a spy ready to turn him in as a traitor?The pretty woman, Odessa Grante, is devastated that her wedding day turned to tragedy when her fiancé raced away on his spaceship, stranding her on Romaydia.

She is without money, is unable to return home, and when an attempt is made to kill her, she fears for her safety in an unfamiliar and perilous world. Trust appears to be a commodity that is hard to come by on Romaydia. When she meets the dashing second-in-command, can she rely on him to keep his word to guard her or is he a wolf parading in sheeps clothing?

Enter the sum

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