Wayland High (7) Close Calls David Doc Robertson



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Wayland High (7) Close Calls  by  David Doc Robertson

Wayland High (7) Close Calls by David Doc Robertson
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TIME FREAKING OUT! CANT GET ENOUGH OF THOSE CRAZY 80S? START YOUR WAYLAND HIGH CLUB TODAY!PERFECT FOR SUSTAINED SILENT READING!DISCOVER! Why everyone is talking about Wayland High, the Series, fast becoming the underground read of the year!This story is a continuation of a series of novelettes about real people in the 1980s. There are no vampires or time travel, though there is magic when the characters provide the readers with a warm, fuzzy, and good feeling.Were now in 1987.John Garcia and Sydney Masterson have been discovered by Jessica Montgomery who knows how to keep a secret because she has one of her own.

Kathryn Masterson gives the Wayland administrator a satisfactory explanation to prevent a pending scandal. Chris Chaney scores a hit song called Love is Fair but then demonstrates to Tamura that those words are not necessarily true. Assistant Principal Shapiro tries to start a scandal but without the proper facts, and Mattie Springfield steps in. Jackson and Tanya have a change of heart while his sister, Yolanda, becomes smitten with the new boy on campus, Will Breckinridge, despite visiting Thermos every day while he is away.

Wills sister, Carol, could be trouble for a popular teacher, Horace Bornoski shows Jessica a different side. Though John is committed in his relationship, Maria Perez begins to break down his defenses. Joses brother, Tony, regroups the Cagers and starts to cause problems for Wayland High. Rosa Pinedra and Sylvia Bornoski begin the excel in their sport, and the rehearsal for the spring play has some surprising results. Jose finally meets Susans parents, and Mattie acts out of character when dealing with her ex-husband.

And finally, the police show up at Jackson and Yolandas home.WOW!!!Other books in the series include:Wayland High, the Beginning - Wayland High (2) The Next Day - Wayland High (3) The Cover Boy - Wayland High (4) Answers For Everyone - Wayland High (5) Saturday!- Wayland High (6) Busted!

The Story is Out! - Wayland High (7) Close Calls - Wayland High (8) Second Chances! - Wayland High (9) Summer Surprises - Wayland High (10) The New Seniors - Wayland High (11) Shaken Up! - Wayland High (12) The Homecoming - Wayland High (13) The Last Game - Wayland High (14) Stepping Up! – Wayland High (15) The Strike! – Wayland High (16) Memories – Wayland High (17) Looking Ahead - Waylaand High (18) The Graduation

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