Fine Things B.K. Wright

ISBN: 9781452427621

Published: October 1st 2010


90 pages


Fine Things  by  B.K. Wright

Fine Things by B.K. Wright
October 1st 2010 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 90 pages | ISBN: 9781452427621 | 10.73 Mb

INTRO:The sudden disappearance of a prominent member of New York society mystified the city and angered the father who was one of two reasons Pierce had left unexpectedly. The other reason Pierce had left was to escape a wife whose thirst for theMoreINTRO:The sudden disappearance of a prominent member of New York society mystified the city and angered the father who was one of two reasons Pierce had left unexpectedly.

The other reason Pierce had left was to escape a wife whose thirst for the material could never be quenched, a woman who was having an affair with his father. Wondering how he had become part of such a mixed up world, and more importantly, wondering if he could ever find his way back to himself and to the man he had once loved, Pierce builds a new life for himself on the other side of the country.

While he is gone, Pierce not only discovers that his wife has become pregnant by his own father, but also discovers an unexpected love. Pierce is now uncertain if the man from his past truly is the man he once loved, or if the unexpected was meant to be.EXCERPT:After ten years of marriage to a woman whose thirst for the material was never quenched, and having worked eighty hour weeks under his father’s watchful eyes, not to mention attending every social event his father had arranged in an effort to introduce Pierce to New York’s elite, Pierce knew that he either had to leave without looking back, or kill himself.

For Pierce’s father, as well as Pierce’s wife, the past ten years had been ideal. They had both gotten what they had wanted- his father the model of the perfect son, and his wife the model of the perfect husband. For Pierce, however, the past ten years had been nothing short of pure hell. Pleasing his father had nearly driven him to a nervous breakdown. He was exhausted all the time and had resorted to taking amphetamines just to keep pace, and the few times he and his wife had had sex left him with an emptiness he didn’t think possible.

Fortunately for Pierce, she wasn’t all that interested in sex, so he didn’t have to pretend to enjoy it very often. He blamed his lack of interest in sex with his wife on his working so much, but the truth was he didn’t enjoy sex with her, and in fact dreaded the few times she had come to bed in what she thought was a sexy negligee, knowing her intentions.****Pierce went to the closet to get his sketches, while saying, “Well, I would hardly call it artwork, at least not yet.” Mitch thought that Pierce was undoubtedly being humble.

He didn’t give himself enough credit. “Well, here they are,” Pierce announced as he presented his two sketches. Mitch took them from him and studied them closely. After awhile, he looked up. “Pierce, these are absolutely wonderful. I mean it, you’ve captured the mountains beautifully, and this painting of a single coffee cup is exquisite.

You’re a natural.” Pierce thought he was just being nice. “Oh, come on, they’re not that good.” “I mean it,” Mitch was serious now. “I’ll take you to some of the art galleries here on the island, and you’ll see. Your work would fit right in with the best of them.” Pierce felt his cheeks grow hot, and he turned away. He couldn’t believe he was blushing. Mitch went over to him and placed his arm around Pierce.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I guess sometimes I’m a little too blunt. But I did mean it.” Pierce stiffened when he felt Mitch’s touch. He hadn’t been touched in a long time, and the feeling of Mitch’s strong arm holding him stiff was almost overpowering. Pierce folded his arms. He didn’t know what else to do with them. He liked this feeling, and he liked the heat of Mitch’s breath sweetened with wine as he said these words. Mitch broke his hold on Pierce and motioned for him to come and sit on the bed.

Mitch stacked pillows behind each of them. “So, tell me, Pierce, do you have any fond college stories?” Pierce froze at this question, and his eyes were wide. The fondest stories were of his roommate, Jeff, but didn’t think Mitch wanted to hear about that. Mitch wondered what Pierce was hiding. He seemed troubled somehow.****Pierce spoke softly and sadly as he told of his expected life, and then he was either brave enough or had had just enough to drink to not care what he said and he went on to tell Mitch all about Jeff.

“I guess our friendship went a little too far, huh?” He looked at Mitch for signs of disapproval, but saw only understanding on his face. Mitch gently touched his lips to Pierce’s and kissed him softly, opening Pierce’s mouth with his own.

“Did Jeff kiss you like that, Pierce?”

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